QuickBooks software has become a favorite of small and medium-sized business owners for maintaining finance and accounting of their businesses efficiently. Its advanced tools help in managing online payments, taxes, invoices, payroll, emails, and many other tasks that can’t be done by humans alone without mistakes.

But this software often encounters issues like ‘QuickBooks doesn’t open’ and comes across a notification on their desktop screen which reads: ‘QuickBooks Won’t Open.’ It leads to a question in the user’s mind that why my QuickBooks won’t open? This error occurs while opening QuickBooks, and users face trouble in resuming their crucial tasks.

In this post, you will read about the causes, symptoms of Quickbooks won’t open problems & its Solutions and easiest ways to fix Quickbooks won’t open company file issues. 

QuickBooks Won’t Open Error: Symptoms

QuickBooks Won't Open

Your system will show the symptoms mentioned below after getting Quickbooks won’t open errors. 

  • System hangs.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Freezes/halts.
  • Low performance of your system.
  • Slow response of mouse and keyboard to the commands.
  • QuickBooks won’t Open Company File.
  • Errors like 1328, 15106, H202 also come up when QuickBooks doesn’t open.

Why Won’t QuickBooks Open? Causes

There are many causes of this problem. We have listed the major reasons that could give birth to this error. 

  • The Company name exceeds the character limit.
  • Damaged or corrupt file.
  • Corrupt Hard Drive
  • Improper installation of QBs.
  • Working on an outdated QBs version.
  • Old operating system
  • Clicking repeatedly on the QBs Icon.

Quickbooks Won’t Open Problem: 7 Methods to Fix

This problem can be fixed using the information mentioned in this informative article. Before following these proven solutions, you have to make sure to follow the instructions to get rid of this troublesome error.

Method 1: Restart the PC

Most of the problems related to QuickBooks can be fixed by restarting your computer. Just try to restart the PC to clean all the applications from scratch. After restarting, open your company files again to check if the problem is fixed. 

Method 2: Uninstall & then Install QuickBooks

Uninstall & then Install QuickBooks

  • Go to the ‘Start’ tab.
  • Click on the ‘Control panel’.
  • Choose ‘QBs program’ and tap on ‘Uninstall.’
  • The software will be installed in few minutes.
  • Restart the PC and reinstall the software.

Method 3: Making the Desktop Compatible with the Current QBs Version

This is an effective solution to follow when Quickbooks won’t open company file.

  • Tap on the ‘Start’ tab and type ‘Update’ in the search box. 
  • Click on ‘Update’ and check for available updates. 
  • If an update is available then tap on the ‘Download’ option. 
  • Then after that, restart the PC.

Method 4: Register QuickBooks

To check If your QBs software is registered:
  • Press F2 and the ‘Product information’ window will pop up.
  • Check your ‘QuickBooks’ registration status just beside the license number. 
  • The status will display registered if you’ve already registered the software. 
  • Now, resume your work.
If you’re not registered:
  • Tap on “OK” and close the ‘Product Information’ window.
  • Click on the “Help” and then on “Activate QuickBooks”
  • Follow the onscreen instructions popping on your screen and finish the process of activation.

Method 5: Closing QBW32.exe Process

  • Go to the “Windows taskbar” and choose  “Start Task Manager”.
  • Click on the option “Process” and tap on “Image Name” to adjust the process alphabetically. 
  • Select “EXE“.
  • Press tab on“End Process”. This will close the “exe process”.

Method 6: Shifting all Files to the Windows Desktop

  • Open “File Explorer.”
  • Find your Company file.
  • Right-tap on the file and select Copy.
  • Press “Ctrl+V” to paste it on the desktop.
  • Rename the file.
  • Open QBs > File.
  • Select “Restore Company.”
  • Reach out to the Desktop where you had pasted the file and select it.
  • You can easily access the file now.
  • Shift the company file to the original folder and rename it one more time.

Method 7: Creating a Windows Admin User

  • Reach out to the “Control Panel.” 
  • Click twice on the “User Account”.
  • In the“Manage User” tab, select “Add”.
  • Fill in the “Admin name” and also the domain. Hit “Ok”.
  • If you are a Windows 10 user then select “Administrator”.
  • Tap on “Finish” and you’ll be diverted to the ‘User Accounts’. Hit “OK“.

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Wrapping Up! 

Hopefully, with the help of this informative article, you can fix Quickbooks won’t Open issue on your own. So if you ever come across Quickbooks 2016 won’t Open the error then, read this article thoroughly and fix this issue permanently. 

If you have more doubts then we would recommend you to get in touch with QuickBooks error support via call/email/chat/live for more help. The trained experts are valuable 24×7 to help you resolve your query.

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