Are you irritated with the Quickbooks Unexpected Error 5? Well, then you are in the best place ever for this issue. With the article, you will be able to easily correct the Quickbooks Event id 4 Unexpected error 5. Further, we will also be discussing every single detail associated with this error. So, just be with us for a few minutes and you are all set to counter this error. Without losing any more time, let us now begin.

Quickbooks Unexpected Error 5: What is it?

Quickbooks Unexpected Error 5

Quickbooks unexpected error 5 is a type of QBs error that happens in the Quickbooks desktop software unexpectedly. You will see a text error message as Quickbooks got unexpected error 5 in call to netsharegetinfo for path. There can be many causes that can cause this error to prevail in your system. Let us now discuss all of them in detail.

What are the Reasons for the Occurrence of this Error? 

There are many reasons due to which the QB unexpected error 5 can exist. You must keep some of them in mind to prevent this error from occurring in the future. Let us now read all of them one by one.

  • This error can occur due to poor network and internet connections.
  • Another reason can be the damaged network data (ND) file.
  • Corruption of the QBs company files.
  • The user does not get the grant permissions for accessing the company files in multi-user mode.
  • You are not using the latest released version of the Quickbooks software.
  • The computer system is under malware or any threat activity.
  • Improper and force shut down of your computer system.

Now that we know the reasons and causes for the occurrence of this error, we now need to understand the easy solutions to rectify this error. You now need to follow each and every solution till you get the solution that fits your case. Also, always remember to create a backup of your important data to avoid any data loss.

Methods to Troubleshoot Quickbooks event id 4 Unexpected Error 5

Many solutions are present in order to resolve this issue. They are as follows.

Method 1: Switching off UAC

Switching off the UAC may help you in fixing this error. Let us now see what we need to do.

  • The initial step is to access the Control panel.
  • Search for the tab User account.
  • Now, tap on Change User Account Control Settings.
  • After this, click on Yes and navigate the slider to Never notify.
  • Lastly, you have to restart your system to save the changes made.

Method 2: Clean Installation of the Quickbooks Software

Clean Installation of the Quickbooks Software

  • To perform a clean install, you need to firstly download and install the Quickbooks Tool Hub.
  • Now, open the tool hub.
  • Go to the section Installation issue.
  • Now, you will see a green-colored button named Clean install tool.
  • Tap on it.
  • Choose Yes in case a permission window comes up.
  • The Quickbooks software will be uninstalled and installed again automatically.

Method 3: Recreating User Files

  • Firstly, access the Quickbooks software and go to the tab Company.
  • Now, select the tab Users.
  • Tap on Set Up User and Roles.
  • Within the users’ list, you need to search for User experiencing errors and remove all of them.
  • After this, tap on Create a new account. Fill in the username and passcode.
  • Lastly, tap on OK.

Method 4: Grant File Share Access

  • Firstly, give file share access for the breakdown of this error.
  • Open the file explorer and do a right-click on any folder wherever the company file is stored. Open the option properties and reach out to the tab Sharing.
  • Now, choose full or partial sharing as per the need of your business.
  • Lastly, tap on Apply and then OK.

Method 5: Reimage the Repair tool

  • Firstly, download the tool Reimage Repair.
  • Tap on the exe file that has been downloaded for installing the tool.
  • Open the tool and it will start to perform a scan.
  • Once the scanning has been done, you need to tap on Start Repair.
  • Finally, you have to reboot your system to verify whether the error still prevails or not.

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QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 has been thoroughly described in this post along with all of its significant aspects and the easy solutions and methods to troubleshoot it at the earliest. It has been a pleasure assisting you and we hope you are satisfied with our posts’ content. You might not be in any sort of trouble now but still, in case you are unable to resolve it, you are recommended to take expert help from a professional in the IT field. Or you can also connect with the QuickBooks Support team available online 24×7 worldwide.  

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