How to Get Help in Windows 10 - Total Guide

Need help with Windows 10? We have got all the help you need for this Microsoft operating system. Starting from the start menu to Xbox windows, let’s just get you started.

If you are windows 10 user just know that we feel you right there, which is why In this article we prepared a complete guide to make you comfortable with windows 10. It’s been such wasteful hours trying to find small little things on your system, isn’t? be it anything at all. Let me cut to chase, first thing further in this article you are going to come across with some of the very common issues faced by the users of Windows 10 and some frequently asked details about this operating system which I covered under the subtitle of Additional perks.

how to get help in windows 10

When Windows 10 was launched in 2015, it most probably focused on the audience waiting eagerly for Microsoft upgrade but when the new operating system was finally out it was pretty clear that Windows 10 was an enhanced version of windows series but there was a little kick to this new add-in because along with being different and advanced, windows 10 was also a bit challenging for the users.

Yet instead of being challenging to its users windows 10 has really made its mark in the market with its enhanced features that it has to offer, few of the best being the Cortana, Xbox app, universal app, office apps, continuum, action centre and its enhanced control panel, am sure I have missed a lot of it but do you think all these features are as easy as it sounds, along with such advanced add ups there has been an increasing demand for support help to make the user well understand the functioning, so here I have some of the most common issues that a windows 10 user facem, check them out.

How to get help in windows 1o – -Common Error and Solutions

People were totally blown away with windows latest add-on to the series and it got 400 million users by far, so it’s understood what craze people have for this operating system yet using is just not where the craze ends, we know that mechanism of Windows 10 is not as simple as people thought it would be so that’s where we step in.

Many of the initial quirks, bugs, and others annoyance that it created after the launch was more or less fixed while few others still persist.

1.How to solve storage problem?

You downloaded windows 10 and now you are running out of storage space, so let me tell you it’s pretty common with the users, after you finish the installation or windows 10 the older version of OS doesn’t disappear and it keeps hanging around somewhere in the background consuming a lot of space, surprising isn’t?

So here what actually happens your old version doesn’t disappear which takes a lot of space in your system and it stays by the name “windows.old” and captures onto your valuable disk space hence your PC just slows down.

Wondering why it happens right?

Because Microsoft is not very controlling as the other big companies and instead of forcing users to get the latest update for their hardware, it keeps the old files that made up the old version of OS in C:/ drive. so if you don’t want your new install to face the same problem just delete the old files, I will tell you how:

If you would want to delete the old version for good just click on windows start button and type “clean up” after which your system will automatically run a search. The ‘Disk Clean’ app should appear, and you can tap that to clean out your unwanted files.

You will see a drive selection box, just select the drive where your OS is installed on. If you select the right file where your OS is installed you will get an option to delete the list of files right away after which just keep following the prompt depending on what files you want to delete, and be careful when you get to this part, rest your operating system will take care of.

2.Turn off unnecessary notifications

The new OS just makes you feel tech handicapped, it has been the case with the most user of Windows 10, even the simplest of changes take hours because you keep looking for it first so let’s just get this one sorted out.

Windows 10 action center more or less holds all the solutions to these petty issues, it’s an excellent way to view all your computer related messages, collating the pop-ups and notification, to manage your social media apps like facebook, twitter etc, and it’s also an amazing tool to get all your software updates like Adobe’s creative suite and even the system message itself.

So now that you know it does so much, but it can easily become cluttered with notification and to solve that just make sure that your action center just shows your relevant notification.

Let me guide you how just open your settings menu then navigate to system notifications and actions.

There will be a bunch of toggles managing your notifications, including the authority to turn off windows tips, disable all notification that you don’t require on your lock screen along with an overall option to stop your notification altogether. Of, course you can turn off notifications based on your apps. Suppose if java keeps bugging you to download a certain app and clash of clans wants you to upgrade the version, just turn off the notification with the help of action center.

3.Windows can’t update your malware

This is another issue that you face if you are a Windows 10 user, the reliable anti-malware tool. It frequently is updating the catalog of malware tools and threats.

So some of the creators, unfortunately, are experiencing crashes when they try to update the window defender malware definition, so in case if your windows defender are giving you error messages all you have to do is try and try again but if that doesn’t really work, microsoft also recommends to just restarting the user setup which can take the additional errors that you might be facing with your malware definition, or you can also try the other way using your command prompt by typing “net stop wuauserv” and then “net start wuauserv”.

The alternate option is for you to download the Windows Malware definition from Microsoft, once you get this manually just run the .exe file, and follow the prompt after which your windows defender has to be updated.

4. Can’t add new users to windows?

It has been reported by the users that they are unable to add new users to their latest Windows 10 install, the creator update most probably is creating the trouble and not letting them add new users without a Microsoft account.

Though it’s not clear yet whether this issue is really a bug or a part of Microsoft functioning to push any random user register with Microsoft account yet we have an easy solution to this error for the users, check this out.

getting help in windows 10

So this how it looks like now getting back on the solution I was talking about, just click to your PC normally and then click to your notification center it might be on the bottom right of your system tray, now after you find that just hit the network button.

After you get to this point you will get your network settings are from there just choose to turn off wifi on your ethernet connection and it should solve this issue that you have been facing.

Now next time when you try to add a new user to the windows, it will automatically detect that you are not connected to the internet and default for the local account set up instead of asking you for a Microsoft account set up.

5. Windows not shutting down?

This issue isn’t much known to a lot of users yet, let me help you understand better so that when you do, you instantly have the solutions to it. You might be thinking of removing windows 10 when you face such errors, but instead of doing that you can simply learn the troubleshooting solutions so that it solves all the hassle.

windows 10 shutting down problem

When you install the creator’s updates it might just automatically enable windows with its fast startup options and that is the reason why your PC just falls into a mild hibernation state when you try to close down.

You might not be aware of but fast startup really create issues when you reboot, it creates the issues of getting stuck in the BIOS and having to pull the plug to get the PC start again.

So to solve all this issue you just have to do one little thing, just disable hibernation with the help of our all-time favorite pal, The Command Prompt. Then search for the “CMD” in your search, do the right click on the command prompt, hit ‘run as administration” and then you will see the black window which will pop up and you will have to type “powercfg/h off” it will disable the hibernation issues and also along with this error you can turn off fast startup.

These were some of the basic errors that a user face and along with the errors we provided you with the relevant solutions to it.

But further on you might want to warm up when I give you few pointers as to why Windows 10 can be really helpful and not challenging to work at all before I get to the other aspect of answering you with the troubleshooting.

Do you want to revert windows 10 or want to get rid of it?

It might be an easy decision to make, that if you are faced with certain issues with your operating system and you have another option to revert it and get rid of it, just get it done but let me tell you some of the plus points of using windows 10 which will eventually make you believe that the latest upgrade to the windows series that microsoft has was actually brilliant,and further more if still there are few doubts left we have some of the best help provided too few other aspects for windows 10 right here.

I refuse to believe that Windows 10 is scary and lack user interface, that is not true because any system that you use has to be an equal balance of every feature that helps you go that extra mile where technology is concerned.

If we are talking about Windows 10, it covers all of it, it has made a vast difference in the functioning of a system and is completely through with speed, security, interface, compatibility, and software tools, windows 10 is a great experience over its forbearers.

Hence whenever you think windows 10 is not worth a try just know it is a unique operating system designed for only you, hence you should give it another try because it has a treasure of features yet to be explored.


If you think you know all the in and out of windows 10 after reading the above portion of this article, then you might be wrong because this operating system is a whole new milky way and knowing about each and every feature will require time, so here are few more solutions to help you understand the hidden features better.

1.How Cortana with voice is a major help

Now some of you might have heard this words for the first time but it has been an amazing help and on the limelight after the launch of Windows 10, to make the long story short, Cortana is your digital agent and it really helps you get the things done.

It’s hard to explain as to how this brilliant feature can help you bridge the gap between understanding and creativity but it offers some unique feature.

The more you use Cortana, more personalized your experience is going to be. If you are unaware of the functions and its visibility, let me help you through this, just type a question in the search box or select the microphone and talk to your very own digital agent.

Try out some easy hacks with Cortana

  • Set a reminder, and it will remind you just as you say it, if it’s a birthday reminder, anniversary or whatsoever.
  • You can create a list and manage those, it will just be a call away
  • Chit chat and play games
  • Can give you a reminder based on time and places and people too
  • You can track packages, team, flights, and interests.

The best part, you can even have Cortana for your iPhone and Android, all you have to do is, justs et Cortana to sync notification between your PC and phone.

2. Good news for creative people creates a 3D doodle.

Ok now this is pretty interesting, with the 3D paint, now transforming freehand sketches to a three-dimension art is not a problem anymore, you just have to select the 3D object icon from the menu on top, and then right on the menu, so there is this sharp edge tool that will help you with doodle depth, it just works like a cookie cutter, and in the other hand the soft edges tool inflate your sketches into a puff 3D.

3. Where will I find the snipping tool on windows 10?

Snipping tool is a major requirement no matter where you are working or over what, so just remember that it’s easy to use with windows 10.

Let me tell you how you just have to pay attention to your start screen and you can go to the snipping tool tile to open it.

The tool will be opened and you will immediately find your desktop, when it is the desktop mode you can open it by typing on the charms bar search, you can type snipping tool off course, and you will get it done.

4. How to install alternative snipping tool on your system?

If you are looking for an alternative snipping tool for windows 10 apart from the default setup that is built-in into the system, let me first just tell you few basic reasons why people want an alternative snipping tool, because alternative snipping tool such as Snagit, light shot, pick offers more than what a default snipping tool can give, they have image editing features along with sharing and enhancing your snipped image.  

Alright coming back to the point, how you can install it, it pretty easy, just search for the alternative snipping tool and download the setup file and run the file after the install, the tool will appear on your desktop screen.

5. Minecraft compatibility

If you are wondering about the Minecraft windows 10 being compatible with PC version then you landed on to the right page. You must be thinking if you can join a server while using Minecraft windows 10 edition and play with other players as well using the pc version.

Let me tell you, it won’t be possible, I will help you understand why because a pocket edition will never be able to get the compatibility to a universal version of an app, it’s somewhat a similar case because windows 10 is actually a new pocket edition which simply takes advantage of the windows universal app.


After all the additional perks that you got to know, there is one more thing you ought to know if you are a windows 10 user which is the after-sales benefits, how can Microsoft support team help you to get the uninterrupted and smooth experience of Windows 10.

No wonder every user who is involved with windows 10 are worried about the technical support and damage support of the company, and it pretty understandable so, here is how Microsoft can help you solve your issues.

Depend on what kind of issues you are faced with if you have any technical assistance you can get in touch with the technical team of Microsoft and it’s pretty much easy and it also has a plethora of tet guides and tutorials for windows for windows 10 on the support pages.

Furthermore to help you understand Windows 10 has a built-in support center which you can find in the CONTACT SUPPORT APP, which can take you directly to the technical support. The fastest way is to just type contact support into the search box on your Windows 10 taskbar and you can follow the prompt to get the result.

Now if you have a bigger issue going on with the support and functioning, you can turn towards some of the Microsoft forum and get your system checks manually, if you think that can help the issue get resolved.

It’s not complicated at all, you can just follow any Microsoft forum to get the issue fixed manually, however you can always take care of the surfing web browser, you might have to enter details about your system to get the issues fixed so make sure you don’t disclose any confidential passwords or user account that can get you trouble.


We take helping a user of windows 10 very seriously, which is why there have been several different angles for you to understand and get the help from. Just so you know, on personal grounds, I have been really impressed with the mechanism of windows 10 to be honest not just because it has a very modern slideshow look but the functioning itself has so much to offer.

However the software is not free from bugs and glitches yet every feature has a very simple solution to it, but you will understand one thing that it is not as bug-riddled as the previous version of it.