How to get help in Windows 10?

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Windows 10 & its Applications

Need help with Windows 10? We have got all the help you need for this Microsoft operating system. Starting from the start menu to Xbox windows, let’s just get you started.

If you are windows 10 user just know that we feel you right there, which is why In this article we prepared a complete guide to make you comfortable with windows 10. It’s been such wasteful hours trying to find small little things on your system, isn’t? be it anything at all. Let me cut to chase, first thing further in this article you are going to come across with some of the very common issues faced by the users of Windows 10 and some frequently asked details about this operating system which I covered under the subtitle of Additional perks.


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No need to download Skype, you've got the built-in app in your Windows 10 laptop.

Customize Windows 10

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Storage and Backup

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Most frequent questions and answers

Click on the search box, then click on the menu icon. Select notebook, and change the settings to activate “Let Cortana respond to ‘Hey Cortana”

Use the disk cleanup app. Or search for large, unnecessary files and trash them for forever. Also, you can disable Hibernation.

There’s no Windows 9, launched by Microsoft. According to them, this version was best fit for Windows 10. In fact this is the last big launch.

Yes! Ofcourse you can.

Search  for “network connections” in your tollbar. Click(Right click) on your network connections and select “Status.” You’ll find a details button, the physical address is your MAC Address.

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